The change of life

The things you are experiencing now – the confusion, the tension, the new emotions, the mood swings, the slowing down of your body, the worry over the future…. are nothing to be afraid of

They aren’t happening to you because you have done something wrong or because you are love any less than before. They are simply part of the new stage of life you have come to.

You have experienced the phase of Youth, and now you seek truer and deeper satisfaction, the kind that comes ony from Jéhovah. As you get to know Jéhovah better, you can experience even greater satisfaction and fulfillment than you did in your youth.

During difficulties:

Climb into His arms

Ask Him for positive feelings

Draw on His strengths, grace and understanding

Spend time with Him

And You will Love Him more

Jehovah also will LoVE you greater.

Published by lifecalling25

I am an introvert that wants to be free to working together and understanding a sitaution whilst given a good and fitted response. I love sports, i can play any with team spirited players. I'm still a Youth.

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