The Christian Race

To win the Christian race we must have the following :

  1. Determination acts 20:24
  2. Understand the Rules that governs the Race Ecclesiastes 9:11
  3. We must train
  4. Be Disciplined 1 corinthians 9:27
  5. Be Consistence philippians 2:16, Galatians 3:7
  6. Must Remember why we run Isaiah 40:31
  7. Need endurance Hebrew 12:1; 10:36.

We need to master these things and more to Win our Christian Race. Be Strong in the Lord.

Published by lifecalling25

I am an introvert that wants to be free to working together and understanding a sitaution whilst given a good and fitted response. I love sports, i can play any with team spirited players. I'm still a Youth.

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