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You are Blessed

The end of the year and the beginning of another doe not mean for you to start a fresh all the time, it’s more like carrying on with your life but put more focus into your tomorrow. Letting what you couldn’t finish last year grow bigger and better in the next year. The more youContinue reading “You are Blessed”


Let your life be an encouragement to others, to your fellow friends and family. Complimenting others gives them strength and assure them that they are being supported and also being loved. Your tongue can either make or destroy someone else. Let us endeavour to use it wisely and in a blessed way. Don’t use foulContinue reading “Support”

You are special

There are times where we get blinded by our Wants and fall into sin. But GOD still forgives us. You are special that’s why. And after we have asked HIM to have mercy, we still fall again… and again. Still HE forgives. He loves you. You are special that’s why. So because you are SPECIALContinue reading “You are special”

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