My Father’s House

You have to remember and claim your right. He has given us all things. In our Father’s house there is: 1. Forgiveness Heb 8:12 2. He forgets your mistake Ephesians 2:8. 3. In my father’s house I am celebrated Luke 15:22. 4. Your past isn’t held against you Galatians 2:20 5. Everything is for you but you have to take hold 2 Peter 1:3.


I have to give an attention to something/ someone. Given it to someone makes me lose track and it consumes alot of energy. So should I stop given it to that person? Well I think I should.

Who should I then give it to? To Christ, my Saviour. My focus should be on Him. I learnt today that I should take hold in discovery why God is great and why I’m His Child. I have to do that by communicating with Him through prayer ( speaking in tongues) and reading His word ( The Holy Bible). I will set my focus there. What about you?!

We are …New

This is all new to me. One Morning I woke up feeling very disturbed while tears fall from my eyes. I needed some comfort but my closest friend was afar from me. Then I decided that I need to focus on something far better than anything which was Christ. Designing a blog is way of being save and also save others. i want a blog that will bring peace and understanding whilst opening eyes to mystery to others. I want to write about understanding and discovering life and what more is there to life. I want to move forward and i want others to move forward. i believe one day, this blog will save life and Jesus will be glorified. #Jesuschrist #mysteryunknown #life