The change of life

The things you are experiencing now – the confusion, the tension, the new emotions, the mood swings, the slowing down of your body, the worry over the future…. are nothing to be afraid of

They aren’t happening to you because you have done something wrong or because you are love any less than before. They are simply part of the new stage of life you have come to.

You have experienced the phase of Youth, and now you seek truer and deeper satisfaction, the kind that comes ony from Jéhovah. As you get to know Jéhovah better, you can experience even greater satisfaction and fulfillment than you did in your youth.

During difficulties:

Climb into His arms

Ask Him for positive feelings

Draw on His strengths, grace and understanding

Spend time with Him

And You will Love Him more

Jehovah also will LoVE you greater.

My Father’s House

You have to remember and claim your right. He has given us all things. In our Father’s house there is: 1. Forgiveness Heb 8:12 2. He forgets your mistake Ephesians 2:8. 3. In my father’s house I am celebrated Luke 15:22. 4. Your past isn’t held against you Galatians 2:20 5. Everything is for you but you have to take hold 2 Peter 1:3.


I have to give an attention to something/ someone. Given it to someone makes me lose track and it consumes alot of energy. So should I stop given it to that person? Well I think I should.

Who should I then give it to? To Christ, my Saviour. My focus should be on Him. I learnt today that I should take hold in discovery why God is great and why I’m His Child. I have to do that by communicating with Him through prayer ( speaking in tongues) and reading His word ( The Holy Bible). I will set my focus there. What about you?!

We are …New

This is all new to me. One Morning I woke up feeling very disturbed while tears fall from my eyes. I needed some comfort but my closest friend was afar from me. Then I decided that I need to focus on something far better than anything which was Christ. Designing a blog is way of being save and also save others. i want a blog that will bring peace and understanding whilst opening eyes to mystery to others. I want to write about understanding and discovering life and what more is there to life. I want to move forward and i want others to move forward. i believe one day, this blog will save life and Jesus will be glorified. #Jesuschrist #mysteryunknown #life